Be Who You Are

“When you are not in touch with who you are, everybody else…[will take it upon themselves] to define you.”–Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Do you know what you believe? Do you trust in yourself? Do you stand up for your values and points of view? Or, as so many of us have, as a very sensitive person or even empath, have you allowed yourself to be defined by others’ perceptions of you, which, themselves, are merely projections of their own beliefs and insecurities?

When we are seeking discernment about who we really are authentically, what we hold true in our lives, we need only seek in ourselves. The answers are NEVER outside of us–not in our jobs, our relationships, our kids, our parents, our degrees or education. Only by sitting in the stillness of meditation and contemplation and by honestly looking inwards can we understand ourselves and then, by definition, be who we are in the world without apology and explanation. By doing this work, we will evolve to be full of self-knowledge and self-compassion and emotionally and spiritually whole.

This sense of wholeness and “enoughness” is like a shield to the outside–to others who, because of their own sense of lack and scarcity, seek to define us. When we feel strong and complete and healthy about our very essence, our very beings are impervious to those who seek to define us for their own purposes.

As grown-ups, as parents, let us support our children on their own journeys to live in the fullness and wholeness of their inherent Divine states.

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