Have a Beginner’s Mind


What does having a beginner’s mind have to do with sovereignty? Well, first it is important to ask ourselves, “Are we committed to taking responsibility for the state of our own alignment with God, Divinity, the universe, Source, and refusing to blindly follow cultural dictates without questioning them?” If so, then, by definition, by necessity, we must have a beginner’s mind.

To be autonomous and creative we must be able to witness ourselves, others, and experiences with a freshness of spirit. In order to be truly creative and innovative, we need to be free and clear thinkers, unencumbered by others’ expectations and criticisms.

A sovereign being is a beginner everyday, even when she becomes skilled and expert, because she is disinterested in ego-driven success or attachment to a goal. Ultimately, these are unimportant. A beginner’s very nature is to be curious, full of wonder, and even joy. This is the essence of sovereignty; this is the essence of life.

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