Girls Who Ride Horses

Girls with their horses.

Girls who ride horses

Never complain about rain.

They pay no mind to tangled wet hair

Or muddy boots.

The ring may be spotted with large puddles

But they canter through them

Laughing as the spatter spits at their horses’ legs.

Girls who ride horses

Long to be outdoors

Among the trees

In the fresh air

Perfumed with autumn leaves

Cut grass

And stacked bales of hay.

Girls who ride horses

Know how to communicate without speaking

Set intentions

And realize their visions.

Their rooms are bedecked with show ribbons

And equestrian books.

They leave the barn late

And return early in the morning

Because they must—

Because their love and commitment are true and steadfast.

Girls who ride horses

Are responsible, dedicated, strong, and free.

One day I hope to be like

Girls who ride horses.

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